Game Genre Developer Date PVP Buy Price Subscription
Age of Conan
HanbitSoft 2010-12-31 Free
NCSoft 2009-09-22 Free
Albion Online MMORPG
Sandbox Interactive 2017-07-17 Free 11.95 (optional)
Allods Online MMORPG
Allods Team 2010-10-21 Free 10.00 (optional)
Anarchy Online
XL Games 2014-09-16 Free 14.99 (optional)
ArcheAge: Unchained MMORPG
XL Games 2019-10-15 $25.99
Ascent: Infinite Realm
Ashes of Creation MMORPG
Intrepid Studios In Development
Astellia MMORPG
Studio 8 2020-01-30 $29.99
Atlantica Online MMORPG
NDOORS 2008-10-30 Free
Black Desert Online MMORPG
Pearl Abyss 2016-03-03 $9.99
Blade & Soul MMORPG
NCSoft 2016-01-19 Free 11.99 (optional)
Blue Protocol MMORPG
BANDAI NAMCO In Development Free
Book of Travels Might and Delight In Development
Camelot Unchained MMORPG
City State Entertainment In Development
Champions Online MMORPG
Cryptic Studios 2009-09-01 Free
Chronicles of Elyria Soulbound Studios In Development
City of Heroes MMORPG
Cryptic Studios +1 2004-04-28 Free
City of Titans
City of Villains MMORPG
Cryptic Studios +1 2005-10-31 Free
Conqueror's Blade MMORPG
Booming Games 2019-05-30 Free
Crimson Desert
Crowfall MMORPG
ArtCraft Entertainment In Development
Dark Age of Camelot MMORPG
Mythic Entertainment +1 2001-10-10 Free 14.95 (optional)
Dauntless Phoenix Labs
DC Universe Online MMORPG
Dimensional Ink Games 2011-01-11 Free
Defend the Night MMORPG
Ninja Loot Games In Development
Dual Universe
Dungeons & Dragons Online MMORPG
Standing Stone Games 2006-02-06 Free 14.99
The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG
ZeniMax Online Studios 2014-04-04 $19.98 14.99 (optional)
CCP Games 2003-05-06 Free 14.95 (optional)
Ever, Jane
EverQuest MMORPG
Darkpaw Games 1999-03-16 Free 14.99 (optional)
Darkpaw Games 2004-11-09 Free 14.99 (optional)
Fallen Earth MMORPG
Little Orbit 2009-09-22 Free 10.00 (optional)
Fallout 76 RPG
Bethesda Game Studios 2018-11-14
Final Fantasy XI MMORPG
Square Enix 2002-05-16 $9.99 12.95 (optional)
Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG
Square Enix 2013-08-27 $19.98 12.99
Final Fantasy XIV (2010) MMORPG
Square Enix 2010-09-30
Forsaken World MMORPG
Perfect World Entertainment 2011-03-11 Free
Foxhole MMOG
Clapfoot 2017-07-28 $19.98
Fractured MMORPG
Dynamight Studios 2019-04-10 $27.07
Gloria Victis
Guild Wars CORPG
ArenaNet 2005-04-26 $19.98
Guild Wars 2 MMORPG
ArenaNet 2012-08-28 Free
Guild Wars Factions CORPG
ArenaNet 2006-04-28 $19.98
Guild Wars Nightfall CORPG
ArenaNet 2006-10-27 $19.98
Last Oasis MMOG
Donkey Crew 2020-03-26
Legends of Aria MMORPG
Citadel Studios 2019-08-06 Free 9.99 (optional)
Life Beyond
Life Is Feudal: MMO
Line Of Defense MMOFPS
Lineage Eternal
Lineage II
The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG
Standing Stone Games 2007-04-24 Free 14.99
Lost Ark
Magic Legends COARPG
Mortal Online MMORPG
Star Vault 2010-06-09 Free
Mortal Online 2
Neverwinter MMORPG
Cryptic Studios 2013-06-20 Free 10.00 (optional)
New World MMORPG
Amazon Game Studios 2018-09-20 $39.99
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen MMORPG
Visionary Realms In Development
Past Fate MMORPG
Icy North Games 2020-02-24
Perfect World International MMORPG
Perfect World Entertainment 2008-09-02 Free
Phantasy Star Online 2 MMORPG
Sega 2012-07-04 Free
Plan 8
PlanetSide MMOFPS
Daybreak Game Company 2003-05-20 14.99
PlanetSide 2 MMOFPS
Rogue Planet Games +1 2012-11-20 Free 14.99 (optional)
Population Zero Enplex Games 2020-05-05 $29.99
Project Gorgon
The Repopulation MMORPG
Idea Fabrik +1 2014-12-19 $19.98
Revelation Online MMORPG
Riders of Icarus MMORPG
WeMade Free
Trion Worlds 2011-03-01 Free 9.99 (optional)
RuneScape MMORPG
Jagex 2004-03-29 Free 8.00 (optional)
Rusty Hearts MMORPG
Stairway Games 2011-07-27
Winch Gate 2004-09-16 Free 10.95 (optional)
Saga of Lucimia
Second Life Virtual World
Linden Lab 2003-06-23 Free 9.94 (optional)
Secret World Legends MMORPG
Funcom 2012-07-03 Free 12.99 (optional)
Ship of Heroes
Shroud of The Avatar
Skyforge MMORPG
Allods Team +1 2015-07-16 Free
Star Citizen
Star Trek Online MMORPG
Cryptic Studios 2010-02-02 Free
Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG
Daybreak Game Company 2003-06-26 $9.99 14.99
Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG
BioWare 2011-12-20 Free 14.99 (optional)
Starbase MMOG
Frozenbyte In Development
Starborne MMORTS
Solid Clouds 2020-04-02
Temtem Crema 2020-01-21 $34.99
Bluehole 2012-05-01 Free 14.99 (optional)