Crowfall is the only online Throne War game. You can win.

Enter a dynamic universe, where each world is unique - no two ever the same. Player choices have immediate impact and can change the world, forever. Explore a vast territory, battle a variety of powerful creatures and enemies, lay claim to valuable resources. Or, conquer enemy strongholds, rule an Empire, or ruthlessly lead a band of armed mercenaries into battle. You have the power to manipulate the tide of battle by activating a late stage strategy that reverses the outcome in the final seconds of the fight, winner takes all in the Throne War!

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Crowfall March Q&A and War of the Gods updates

Crowfall have published their developer Q&A for March with a sneak peek at Frostweaver class as well as a whole bunch of questions answered. There was also a post to the Kickstarter page with some updates. The entire team is working hard to get the first phase of the War of the Gods...

Crowfall introduces Thralls in the upcoming War of the Gods update

Crowfall's latest dev diary introduces Thralls which are coming in the next update, War of the Gods. Thralls have a ghostly appearance that visually sets them apart from the Eternal Crows. Thralls are the souls of fallen warriors and craftsmen, spirits who cannot leave the mortal plane and...

Crowfall blog breaks down Racial Disciplines

A new blog from Crowfall breaks down the improvements to Racial Disciplines, the passive benefits that you get just for being a particular race. This is a feature that hasn't been seen in many MMOs over the last decade or so but is a much welcome return in Crowfall as it makes the choice of...

Crowfall reveals monthly Crow Appreciation Rewards

Crowfall announced on Friday the introduction of their Crow Appreciation Rewards program. Each month, a new appreciation reward will be announced. These monthly rewards will be given to all backers who have a pledge package/starter pack, including newly-purchased starter packs. Anyone who is or...

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