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EVE Online update includes improved moon visuals and changes to market orders

In the latest episode of EVE Pulse, CCP Mirage touches on the Council of Stellar Management summit, CCP Burger talks about their continued push for regular content updates. CCP Convict then shows off the visual updates to moons including higher resolution textures, new shaders and lighting...

CCP Games cancels EVE Fanfest 2020 due to coronavirus concerns

There have been a number of events canceled and companies pulling out of other events like PAX and GDC recently due to the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. CCP Games, developer of EVE Online has announced that it is canceling its upcoming EVE Fanfest 2020 which was supposed to kick off on...

Top Crafting MMOs

Not everyone is drawn to an MMO for the open world PVP, running dungeons or even the PVE. Some people just want to create, craft, trade and supply the world. Supporting or even driving an in-game economy. To that end we've gone ahead and created a list of what we think are some MMOs with decent...

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