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PlanetSide 2 Escalation update introduces the Bastion Fleet Carrier

PlanetSide 2 Escalation update introduces the Bastion Fleet Carrier

MMOEdge Posted by MMOEdge on Feb 8, 2020

Update 5/3: The update is now scheduled for March 11th.

Update 26/2: The patch has been delayed again, no date is currently announced.

Update 17/2: The patch has been delayed until Wednesday, February 26th.

Since the closure of PlanetSide Arena the resources and manpower found their way over to the PlanetSide 2 team. This meant that the team could focus on much larger updates once again which came with a reassessment of priorities. Unfortunately this meant the previously mentioned new continent of Oshur has been indefinitely shelved. However, a much more ambitions update has come in the form of Escalation, coming February 19.

Escalation brings a whole suite of new content and features mainly targeted towards the outfits (guilds) of the game, introducing outfit loyalty, craftable war assets including the Bastion Fleet Carrier and Outfit Wars. Here is what they had to say regarding the update.

Camaraderie, teamplay, and scale are the bedrock principles PlanetSide 2 is built upon, and the new Escalation game update aims to reinforce all three of them. This massive game update introduces new content for players of all levels, creates a deeper experience for our most dedicated player communities, and adds strategic depth and communal goals to PlanetSide 2 gameplay.

Outfits will earn new resources by capturing and holding bases around the map, with specific key bases rewarding rarer resources. These resources can then be used by outfit leaders and officers to craft and then call in to the battlefield war assets such as a projectile-blocking bubble shield, vehicle airdrops, orbital strikes and the Bastion Fleet Carrier.

Outfit members will increase their loyalty rank over time and earn a currency called Merit which they can then spend and new vendors in the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary is a new communal social area being introduced where all factions can live together in harmony, well cross-faction text and possibly voice chat will be enabled so many not that much harmony. Sanctuary will have new NPC vendors where outfit members can spend their Merit and players can redeem rewards for participating in alerts. The developers insist that Sanctuary expand over time with future updates and introduce future functionality.

If you missed the initial livestream announcing the Escalation update you can watch it below.

Executive Producer Andy Sites also mentioned on Twitter that this update is also planned to come to PlayStation 4 with the possibility of the construction system also.

PlanetSide 2 is free-to-play on PC and PlayStation 4, if you haven't already be sure check it out at planetside2.com.

Source: PlanetSide2.com

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