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PlanetSide 2 Escalation update delayed again

PlanetSide 2 Escalation update delayed again

MMOEdge Posted by MMOEdge on Feb 26, 2020

Update 5/3: The update is now scheduled for March 11th.

The latest update for PlanetSide 2, Escalation, was supposed to go live on the 19th but was delayed by a week until today to make some changes and improve performance.

The update will not be going live today however, there are a few final bugs that they are trying to iron out. There will be a playtest on the Test Server later today.

Executive Producer Andy Sites also posted updates on the official forums (and reddit) on the 24th and 25th keeping the community updated and explaining reasons for the delays.

Two areas we are continuing to focus on are Sanctuary performance and a very infrequent bug where Bastion(s) locations can become out of sync on different clients for short periods of time, before correcting to the proper location. Even though this is a fairly rare occurrence, it can still happen and we want to continue taking the necessary steps for it to never happen once the update is live.

We were still seeing some issues related to the Bastion de-syncing. The good news is that we’ve got a handle on potential causes and our programmers are actively working on fixes. Even though we had server stability, the Bastion issues are enough of a concern that we want to conduct at least a few additional scheduled public tests, with higher server populations, before we have confidence to green-light the update. This means providing you all with more than a few hours notice.

At this point, the Escalation publish to Live is a day to day decision. Once we are able to conduct multiple playtests at scale, and confirming the issues above have been resolved, we will make the call to launch.

Update: Another post today details what is being tested in the latest playtest.

 As mentioned yesterday, we have prepared a new build with several improvements that we would like to rally as many players as possible to participate. We’ve published the new build to PTS, so it is ready for download. We will unlock the PTS server at approximately 3:30pm (Pacific) and start playing at 4pm. Like yesterday, our focus is on client/server stability, Bastions and keeping an eye out for any newly introduced critical bugs. Please watch for server broadcasts for further instructions.

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