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Skyforge celebrates fifth anniversary with new expansion

Skyforge is celebrating its fifth anniversary with huge new expansion coming March 25 for PC and March 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The upcoming expansion will include the following features: Phytonide Invasion: new invasion pass and rewards Spring is in bloom, and so are the...

Revelation Online announces new expansion, Skyward World

Revelation Online is celebrating its third anniversary with the announcement of its biggest free expansion yet, Skyward World, coming later this month. The Skyward World expansion opens the gates to the Skyfeather Kingdom: Voras, a completely new world for players to travel to and explore!...

Black Desert Online O’dyllita update coming for free in 2020

Black Desert Online have announced that a new free update, titled O’dyllita, will be coming to the game later this year. As appropriate for its dark reputation, O’dylitta has the most difficult areas currently in the game and as such will mark a true challenge for any adventurers...

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